That damned dress.

I posted a reddit comment about the picture of a dress that has been confusing people.  Depending on viewing conditions it looks either white and gold, or black and blue.  It’s a rather extraordinary demonstration of how malleable human perception is, and it really shows off the fact that while we believe we are capable of observing an “objective” reality, our minds make up our perception of the world with only modest input from our senses.  Given that nobody can tell the color of a dress when they are looking at a photo of it, the picture obviously speaks to how much we rely on things like human recollection of events in court cases which literally decide matters of life and death.  A witness can be 100% sure that they saw one thing, but that doesn’t mean that what they saw necessarily had a strong correlation with the objective reality that is so important.  The reddit comment was in response to a post that then got deleted, so I assume nobody will ever read it there, so I am reprinting it here.

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Google Support is analagous to awesome

But some analogies are pretty awful.  Which is the case here.  I used to use a Nexus5 phone from Google.  It was pretty good.  I won’t claim it was perfect.  It had about half the battery life I wish it did, and it always felt slightly too large in my hand.  But, nobody makes small phones anymore for some reason, and it certainly got the job done.  Or at least it got the job done until I had dinner at a particular sushi restaurant with a very hard floor, and shattered the screen.  ::Sigh::  Oh well, I guess it was time to contact Google support to see if they would repair it, and if it was going to cost something, how much…

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